Self motivated, driven to learn, striving for the best.
Comfortable with complexity, promoting elegance in simplicity.
Broad experience of technologies, platforms and techniques.
Professional and friendly service.

Experienced Web Developer

Full stack C# (.Net) developer of online applications and websites.

Netsolving Bespoke Audits

Netsolving wanted help updating their systems and implementing new technology I worked with them as a "Development Standards Consultant". Upgrading their base product with Entity framework and introducing them to Linq and MVC standards. While they chose to stick with webforms due to constraints they embraced Entity framework and Linq for the greater productivity these tools can offer.

Key Roles

  • Development of SaaS style product for simpler audits not requiring bespoke elements.
  • Restructuring the database to conform to modern standards.
  • Advising and demonstrating best practices and the benefits of these to the team.
  • Instructing on the use of Linq and Entity framework examining both codefirst and model first methods.
  • Informative and instructional examples and documentation.

Software Team size: 5 Developers

Paradigm & Methodologies: Full documentation, Demos, Advice & Guidence.

Technologies: C#, MSSQL, Linq, Entity framework (Code first & Model First).

Tools used: Visual Studio 2017, Linq Pad, Bespoke documentation system.

Cloud based appointment scheduling / inventory and product managment software (SaaS)

The client has asked that nither the company nor product be publicly named. It features appointment scheduling and management against the staff rota, reporting, certification, task management, invoicing, stock control and a client portal. It was completed under BSI ISO 27001 & 9001 with an emphasis on Data security.

Key Roles

  • Security, Password Policy & Enforcement, Password set/resets, password lockouts
  • Modules creation tools allowing support staff to create new modules (custom input forms)
  • Client Portal - Allowing customers staff to login and fill-in forms, also allowing customers to login and add staff to be processed.
  • Expanding and creating new product features to compete in a highly competitive market.
  • Testing, bugfixing and advising junior developers

Software Team size: 6 Developers

Paradigm & Methodologies: Agile, full documentation, MS Project, OOAD, peer-review, product focused.

Technologies: C#, Javascript, Jquery, MSSQL, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, Linq and Entity framework (Code first).
Team Foundation Server.

Tools used: Visual Studio 2016

Grindstore HUB (Grindstore, PopartUK, OnePoster, PoundPosters)

Working with Grindstore Development Team to produce a full system to run the E-commerce business combining multiple websites. features including reporting, Customer management systems, Content management systems, Ordering, Delivery control with tracking and loss prevention, Stock management and auditing, integration with multiple marketplaces such as Amazon (UK, GE, FR, US, CA, AU), Ebay (Euro, US), Tesco (UK), C-Discount (FR), Priceminister (FR).

Key Roles

  • Interacting with many E-commerce APIs in various syntax including XML, CSV, JSON and HTTP Post
  • Creation of publishing tools to structure data for upload and filtering of "banned" content from those uploads.
  • Content management elements allowing non-technical users to update customer facing website without sacrificing SEO.
  • implementation of large sections of the application.
  • Testing, bugfixing.
  • Updating & maintaining Classic ASP sites.

Software Team size : 3 Developers

Paradigm & Methodologies : BDD, OOAD, product focused, emphasis on planning and analysis.

Technologies: C#, MVC, Classic ASP, SQL, Javascript, Jquery, Linq, hand written stored procedures and Entity framework.

Tools used: Visual Studio 2014

Gap Office (SaaS)

Gap Office formally known as "auction evo" is the product of ATG Media (purchased with the company Auction Fluency) that I was a developer on 2013 - 2016. This is an online application running on a combination of conventional servers and Amazon cloud servers. I was involved in all aspects of its development including some server maintenance. This software has wide functionality including invoicing, financials, auction management and email marketing features, in addition this software also integrates with a number of other services including facebook, mailchimp and many others.

Key Roles

  • Web api creation and interactions, connecting both to client websites and 3rd partys
  • Importing and exporting to and from other 3rd party auction applications including deciphering obfuscated data structures.
  • Bespoke versioning of software both core elements and customer facing websites.
  • implementation of large sections of the application.
  • Application wide testing, bugfixing and advising other developers on areas of special interest.
  • Security, Password Policy & Enforcement, Password set/resets, password lockouts.

Software department size : 30+
Team size: 6 Developers

Paradigm & Methodologies : Agile, Prototyping, Knaban, OOAD, Continuous Integration, peer-review, Customer focused.

Technologies:, C#, javascript, Jquery, HTML, Linq, hand written stored procedures and Entity framework (Database first).
SVN, Mercurial , Git via TFS.

Tools used: Visual Studio 2010, 2012 & 2013;

Supply chain interactive matrix

A business and supply chain Directory matrix. It provides strong search mechanics and a members area for the businesses to keep their information upto date. All changes are saved pending authorisation by an admin who are also able to modify the details of other companies.

Key Roles

  • Client specification including scope control and deadline management.
  • Full implementation of designs and specification (including security).
  • Supporting initial end users (admins) in setup.
  • Data importing from xls/pdf (old matrix) to sql.
  • Application wide testing.

Software Team size : 1 Developer (solo project)

Paradigm & Methodologies : Agile, Prototyping, full documentation, OOAD, peer-review, customer focused.

Technologies: C# .NET, SQL, javascript, Jquery, HTML , Linq and Entity framework (Code first).

Tools used: Visual Studio.