Self motivated, driven to learn, striving for the best.
Comfortable with complexity, promoting elegance in simplicity.
Broad experience of technologies, platforms and techniques.
Professional and friendly service.

Software Developer

Development and maintenance of software applications and Databases.

IDS Auction

IDS Auction software is a desktop application designed for back office support of an auction house, it covers invoicing, statements, financial calculations and breakdowns, website management (in some cases including CMS type behavior), there are many bespoke versions of this software still in use. My involvement with this software was mostly in the form of bug resolution, adding new features and bespoke versioning as I arrived with the company after the construction of the core program was completed. I also spent a great deal of time working on companion websites for online bidding with full integration with the back office software.

Key Roles

  • Bespoke versioning & API development
  • Testing, Bug Fixing & maintenance
  • Database design and maintenance
  • UX design improvements
  • development of features and modules.
  • End user support

Software Team size : 3 Developers

Technologies:, winforms, MS-SQL

Tools used: Visual Studio 2010

Shutoff - 3

A Simple, portable application designed to trigger an event when Downloads or CPU intensive tasks have finished processing for a period of time, by default the system will be shutdown but other commands can be given to begin another task or send an email.

Key Roles

  • Specification and design
  • Development of app and minimal UI.
  • Dedicated 3 hours of development time.
  • Testing, bug fixing.

Software Team size : 1 Developer

Technologies: C#, SQLite, winforms

Tools used: Visual Studio 2016;


SQL Ultra Lite is a portable application providing very basic SQL access (and management) for times when connecting to client machines without SQL Management studio. The application can connect to MSSQL, MySQL and SQL Lite databases and perform sql commands on these databases. It can also check for data duplication, import & export tables to/from CSV and murge tables.

Key Roles

  • MS-SQL, MySQL, SQLite Access and management tool
  • complicated dynamic TS-SQL statements.
  • Database and data analysis.
  • Training and supporting staff in use of the tool.
  • Testing, bug fixing.

Software Team size : 1 Developer

Technologies:, winforms, MS-SQL

Tools used: Visual Studio 2012