Self motivated, driven to learn, striving for the best.
Comfortable with complexity, promoting elegance in simplicity.
Broad experience of technologies, platforms and techniques.
Professional and friendly service.


About Bluue

I am a sponge for knowledge and love to experience and try new things, my core values are honer, kindness and consideration. Working with me you will find I will do my best to help you and your business in any way I can. Starting with providing you with the best possible service and product I can manage to offer.

I have been a developer since I first laid hands on a PC one of my first endeavors was with Qbasic but at the age of 5 I didn't create much of note. After the advent of windows I spent the following few years experimenting with visual (drag and drop) logic and ui builders making simple games and applications. By 11 I had some C++ source code and made impressive progress in making playable alterations to one of the most advanced games of that time. I remained interested in development but spent my teenage years rounding out my life learning the socail skills that would become invaluable in my working carrier. Following my education I proceded to travel continuing learing along the way before settling in Norfolk and a carrier in development of auction software. After 5 years of this I looked to other complaines to continue advancing my skills and experience and found a multitude of design angles and languages to work with. Now I work freelance offering the skills, experience and training of leading cloud developers for all projects of any shape and size.

About The process

  • Initial Contact
  • Specification and scope of project
  • Design documents and process diagrams*
  • Development
  • Acceptance, installation, deployment. Including client acceptance testing
  • Evaluation and improvements*
  • Maintenance
A consistent level of contact will be maintained throughout the process.

*A partial payment may be required at this stage depending on the size of the project.